Nicola Pucci. 1999 – 2019

This exhibition is a journey into dreamlike worlds populated by figures moving in difficult contexts, playing with the world or trying to rewrite their destiny.

It is a painting for layers, that of Nicola Pucci (Palermo, 1966), where each image is constructed by using brushstrokes and shadows. It is at the same time brazenly surreal and extremely realistic, and full of cathartic energies. “Nicola Pucci. 1999 – 2019” presents the last twenty years of the work of the artist from Palermo; it is an anthology curated by Paola Nicita and it is opening on February 1st at Villa Zito in Palermo, where the Fondazione Sicilia has its headquarters. Running until 29 March 2020.

The exhibition project, conceived by Settimana delle Culture Association, created with the support of Fondazione Sicilia and the contribution of the Presidency of the Sicilian Regional Assembly and some private sponsors, allows you to observe the evolution of the artistic language of Nicola Pucci: from an extremely realistic figurative painting, which has always winked at a given of surreality, then shifted, in more recent years, to a sort of cancellation of hyper-realistic language, to deepen some more conceptual aspects.

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