Incursioni Contemporanee/4 – Ardente

Ardente by Loredana Longo is the last exhibition of Incursioni contemporanee, the series of events curated by professor Sergio Troisi.

Organized in cooperation with the City of Palermo, Italian Capital of Culture for the year, the Sicily Region and the company Visiva, Incursioni Contemporanee explores contaminations between pieces of the permanent collections of the Fondazione Sicilia and contemporary artistic languages.

Loredana Longo puts in place a dialogue in the shape of a path marked by a harsh and disconcerting if not lacerating dialectic, a blazing one, as suggested from the Italian title of the exhibition, Ardente.

‘’The artist has always carefully investigated bodily-related issues not only from a physical/subjective view point but also in its relational dynamics with objects, spaces, rooms and, last but not least, social and historical story-telling’’ says the curator Sergio Troisi. ‘’Loredana Longo has assumed the permanent collection of the Fondazione Sicilia as the value system which has shaped Italian society between the 1800s and 1900s, whose components are still influential, at least partially, in our contemporary society.’’

‘’The works of the artists establish’’ remarks Raffaele Bonsignore, the President of the Fondazione Sicilia ‘‘a high-tension exchange with the ones on display at Villa Zito. Through fresh and original modalities, she sparkles a dialogue about contemporary times in relation to the past. The outcome is an exhibition which we are happy to host and support.’’

Date: from 25 January to 7 April 2019

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